ACTA has already been passed.
It gives our ISP the right to pass logs of what we’re doing on the Internet, to the government.
We can’t stop this.
It’s too late.
We worried about SOPA and PIPA. But this popped up out of nowhere.
Why? Because we didn’t see what was happening. Or governments have pulled our own wool over our eyes.
And it isn’t just America this time. It’s over 30 countries.
SOPA/PIPA seemed like a huge distraction for what they were really doing.
Nowhere under the constitution does it say that other countries can’t control what we do with our resources.
This means that generic drugs may not be in use any longer, because it’s the same as something else. This means that certain seeds may not be used to plant crops in certain countries, because it belongs to another country.
This means it’s our time to TRY.
Not just America.
It’s time for the world to try and make everything okay.
I am not okay with this. You shouldn’t be okay with this.


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